How to save photos from your digital camera

After you take photos with a digital camera, you need to store them somewhere. You can always leave it on a memory card, but it will be more expensive, so let's explore some other options.

1. Transfer your image to your computer. Most cameras are equipped with cables to connect your camera to your computer, a CD with a download program and an instruction booklet. Transfer fast and simple images. After being on the computer, you can delete images from your memory card and start taking more photos.

2. Burn your image on the CD. If you have a CD burner on your computer, you can make a photo disk to be stored or shared with others. When coming to the picture, it is often better to use unwritten CDs. This will save the heartache of the loss of valuable photos. Give a CD label and save it in a place that can be easy to carry when you need to see your picture.

3. Save your image on a public website. There are many photo hosting sites on the internet. Some costs for this service, but many are fully free. You have an option to protect your image password or share it with the world. This option helps if your computer must be jammed. Your photo is safe.

4. Print your picture and place it in a photo album. Many people still like to turn up the photo album page and review memories. This is also possible for those who don't have a computer to see your picture.

5. Make a photo gift. There are places out there that will take your digital pictures and place them on clothes, mouse pads, cups, calendars, and many other items. This makes an extraordinary gift and provides a way to keep the images loved at any time.

These are just a few suggestions. Using your creativity, you will produce more ideas.

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